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Heather Yaxley reports on the International History of Public Relations Conference 2018 held in Bournemouth.
Today, Andy Green initiates the 'Dublin Conversation' seeking consensus around a new purpose for public relations and communication.
In the latest PR Place essay, Chris Tucker defends persuasion against the charge that it's dangerously close to propaganda.
Our short history of PR student blogging starts with Stephen Davies.
What to study; when and where? Here's what you need to consider to make an informed choice.
Bridges provide a visual metaphor for public relations.
We review a new book based on ten years of European research.
Is public relations a management discipline or a media practice? Universities have very different ideas about where it belongs as an academic discipline.
Proflific professor Jim Macnamara addresses the old debates about PR and journalism in this recent book - and has something new to say. His approach is to address the blind spot in media studies and journalism over public relations.
An article by Miriam Pelusi about Umberto Eco’s contribution to PR thinking
This is an article by Jane Crofts: Say hello and wave goodbye!
This is an article by Tim Morris on ‘Poison Ivy’ Lee and propaganda.