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Part two of Polly Foster's post on how to ace your PR degree focuses on researching and writing your assignment. She urges you to question everything.
Heather Yaxley announces her Best Student PR blogger of 2017... Find out who came out on top and what you can learn from them.
Top tips on how to succeed in your PR degree. Part one of a two part series by Polly Foster, a professional web editor and social media content producer who has gained an MSc in Corporate Communication from Leeds Beckett University.

Our Guest Author is David Wachsman, founder of Wachsman PR. a Wall Street fintech consultancy.  Fin ...

Lauren Wilson reviews PR Lessons from previous Olympics.
This is an article by Paula Keaveney on slanted surveys and fake PR events.
An article by Richard Bailey about the seven habits of highly successful practitioners.
This is an article by Tim Morris about Sir Basil Clarke and the Great War.
Richard Bailey's book review of Brandjack: How Your Reputation is at Risk From Brand Pirates and What To Do About It By Quentin Langley
An article by Diana Bengea about behind the scenes: Unity.
An article by Alexi Gunner about Graham Goodkind: a creative boss.
Selwyn Jerry Boston explores how charities use celebrities in PR campaigns.