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We review a milestone academic text from Dr Lee Edwards.
The textbook ideal is not the lived experience of most practitioners, claim the editors of Experiencing Public Relations.
Mental health campaigner Lucy Nichol explains why she has written a book on the subject.
We review a critical outsider's analysis of the public relations business.
We review a new book based on ten years of European research.
This important book challenges the dominant paradigm.
Proflific professor Jim Macnamara addresses the old debates about PR and journalism in this recent book - and has something new to say. His approach is to address the blind spot in media studies and journalism over public relations.
Richard Bailey's book review of Brandjack: How Your Reputation is at Risk From Brand Pirates and What To Do About It By Quentin Langley
Review: Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business by Linzi Boyd
This is an article by Tim Morris about The Great American Showman, Part 2.
A book review by Richard Bailey about #PRredefined by Andy Green and others.
Book review: Adland: A Global History of Advertising by Mark Tungate