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Guest post by Matt Beard, CIPR Professional PR Diploma student and Head of Media at Govia Thameslink Railway
Last week's episode of The Media Show has led to a fierce backlash. What's this all about?
We say we do public relations, so why don't we put the relationship first asks Richard Bailey.
Fake news isn't new, nor is public relations an innocent party.
Richard Bailey offers some relationship advice to practitioners.
Our Guide to News Release Writing is available now to PR Place members.
Proflific professor Jim Macnamara addresses the old debates about PR and journalism in this recent book - and has something new to say. His approach is to address the blind spot in media studies and journalism over public relations.

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This is an article by Paula Keaveney on slanted surveys and fake PR events.

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An interview with Cornelius Alexander on the joy of PR by Jazz Chappell.