Internal Communication

Explore our posts covering the hot topics around internal communication. We also have more in depth guides including Communication Strategy, Stakeholders and Storytelling for internal communication. 

Dr Heather Yaxley answers questions about the CIPR professional PR qualifications.
Jessica Gow, senior communications adviser at Solent University, explores how experiences can give employers better relationships with their employers.
Download our guide to unlock the what, why and how of storytelling.
Leeds Beckett final year Rebecca Midgley summarises her dissertation in which she explored a theory of hygge public relations.
In the past ten years, more than 1,000 practitioners have completed the CIPR Internal Communication qualifications with PR Academy.
We've made Kevin Ruck's research paper into employee voice available as a free download.
Kevin Ruck reports on last week's Engage for Success 'People at the Heart of Business' conference.
On a recent trip to Malaysia, Kevin Ruck discussed internal communication and employee engagement with managers at Petronas.
Chris Tucker explores the latest Edelman Trust Barometer and what it means for business leaders.
Our guide to using communication theory is a valuable resource for public relations and internal communication practitioners. The guide covers basic transmission models and also draws on mass communication and psychology.
Kevin Ruck presents his PhD research study into 'employee voice'.