Public Relations

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Here's what was notable #ThisWeekinPR.
Jennifer Sanchis studied media discourse around the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks for her dissertation.
Here's our pick of what's notable #ThisWeekinPR
Today, Andy Green initiates the 'Dublin Conversation' seeking consensus around a new purpose for public relations and communication.
David GH Phillips and Dr Annie Danbury proposed a Cultural Relations Theory: the use of big data to dynamically map the issues and stakeholders surrounding an organisation.
Laura Davies explains the risks and benefits of learning by doing through a crisis simulation exercise at university.
Hillary Clinton's former communication director has written an open letter to a future female President of the US.
Here's our pick of what's notable #ThisWeekinPR.
We announce the individual and group winners of our PR student #bestPRblogs contest.
PR Academy's free online Introduction to Public Relations course starts next week and is now open for enrolment.
A new textbook by two Swedish scholars is 'a veritable smorgasbord of interesting concepts.'