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Here's what we found notable #ThisWeekinPR.
We review the first of the new PRCA Practice Guides: Digital PR by Danny Whatmough.
Ann Pilkington looks back on the first year of PR Place.
Here's our editor's pick of #ThisWeekinPR (and #bestPRblogs).
We say we do public relations, so why don't we put the relationship first asks Richard Bailey.
The next profile in our #50over50 series is of Andrew Bruce Smith.
Here's what we found notable #ThisWeekinPR
Debbie Hickman explains how Woking Borough Council achieved a 99.73% success rate on a voter ID trial.
We review two books that promise to unlock the secrets to becoming more persuasive.
It is not influencers (and reach) that matters, it is ‘true’ influence. Kevin Ruck repors on the PRCA Digital Report 2018 launch.
Here's what we found notable #ThisWeekinPR
Here's what non-PR graduates need to know to get started and to get ahead in public relations.