In this section we provide book reviews, explore PR and communication theory and investigate they key topics around studying PR and communication. There is more of an academic focus and whether you areĀ an undergraduate, post-graduate or a professional looking to expand your skills, you'll find plenty here to support your journey.

Today, Andy Green initiates the 'Dublin Conversation' seeking consensus around a new purpose for public relations and communication.
David GH Phillips and Dr Annie Danbury proposed a Cultural Relations Theory: the use of big data to dynamically map the issues and stakeholders surrounding an organisation.
Hillary Clinton's former communication director has written an open letter to a future female President of the US.
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A new textbook by two Swedish scholars is 'a veritable smorgasbord of interesting concepts.'
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In this new book, Iliyana Stareva describes the inbound PR methodology.
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We've made Kevin Ruck's research paper into employee voice available as a free download.
Not all classroom experiments will be a success. But to encourage a learning culture, we need to embrace failure.
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