Guide to Writing Reports, Proposals and Business Cases

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Pixabay (Creative Commons)

Working in a public relations and communication role, what do we have to show for our efforts? Where are the artefacts that demonstrate our craft and our professional skills?

Sure, there are our creative and conversational media outputs (news releases, news letters, tweets and so on). But what if these are insufficient to make the case for additional resources to the senior management team? What if we're expected to make the business case, usually in the form of a written report or proposal?

This new PR Place guide, free to registered members of this site (membership is also free), explains the difference between a report and a proposal. It explains the importance of language and presentation, and suggests what should go where.

It talks you through writing and editing the document and coaches you in thinking like a consultant (looking outside-in and making evidence-based recommendations).

This guide is also essential reading for those completing CIPR professional qualifications, whose assignments are based on business documents rather than academic essays.

It complements these other PR Place guides:

Download your free PR Place Guide to Writing Reports, Proposals and Business Cases here and listen to a podcast conversation about making a business case.

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Richard Bailey is editor of PR Place. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

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