Our Authors

Richard Bailey (Editor)

"I find there’s a continuum between thoughtful practitioners, ambitious educators and research academics. They are three sides of the one industry."

Ann Pilkington

"The world of PR and communication can benefit from understanding the principles of project management. I'm on a mission to create greater understanding!"

Kevin Ruck

"I put a lot of emphasis on research, measurement and evaluation. That’s why I did a PhD. It enabled me to understand how to do robust research."
Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker

"The development of the new news ecosystem meshing on and offline media is something that fascinates me."

Paul Noble

"With the zeal of the converted, I love theory – but only because theory and practice are two sides of the same coin."

Heather Yaxley

"I’m a passionate advocate for investment in sustainable professional development and the benefits that effective learning brings to individuals, teams."

Maud Davis

"I feel very lucky because I love what I do. I meet lots of bright people through my teaching, many of them rising stars and I am always learning."

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