Heather Yaxley

Dr Heather Yaxley, BSc Hons, PG Cert, Dip CAM, RSA Dip, FCIPR

Heather is a PR practitioner, consultant and educator. For her PhD she researched career strategies in PR and developed an innovative time line research method and originated a new tapestry approach to career development.

What Heather says:

"I’m a passionate advocate for investment in sustainable professional development and the benefits that effective learning brings to individuals, teams and organisations. At a time of unprecedented change in working practices, we all need to keep up to date with latest thinking, new ideas, and emerging practices. My experience is that personal development is an active process that works best when encouraged and nurtured as a shared practice."

Heather teaches the Social Media and Digital Communications course at PR Academy accredited by the University of Chester.

Connect with Heather on social media

Twitter: @greenbanana


Blog: https://greenbanana.wordpress.com/ and www.prconversations.com

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