Above the line: Historical term used to distinguish between advertising (‘above the line’) and all other promotional activities (including PR) which were known as ‘below the line’. The line referred to the agency commission applied to media buying (but was not applicable to PR, direct marketing, sales promotion etc).

Alt text or tag: A description given to an image used on a website. Search engines can read the Alt text, but not the image.

AMEC: The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. Began as the Association of Media Evaluation Companies.

Analytics: A program that presents website data for analysis. Google Analytics is a feature rich and popular analytics program.

Authority: In SEO, the amount of trust a site is credited with for a particular search query. Authority is gained from incoming links from other trusted sites.

AVE: Advertising value equivalent. A discredited means of demonstrating the value of PR work by multiplying the assumed cost of media coverage (as advertising) by a multiplier to reflect the added value of editorial endorsement.

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