ICCO: International Communications Consultancy Organisation. Umbrella organisation representing 55 PR consultancy trade associations including the UK’s PRCA.

In-house: Most PR practitioners work in-house (ie for one organisation) as distinct from working for a consultancy or on their own (freelance).

Integrated marketing communications (IMC): A coordinated approach involving all promotional and marketing communication activities. This suggests teams and consultancies should be broad-based, though there is still a role for sector and specialism experts.

Internal communication: Public relations focused on internal publics (ie employees). Originated in industrial journalism but is now seen as a strategic management process with links to change management.

Interpersonal communication: The emphasis on mass communication in the last century, and digital and social media this century means that interpersonal communication is often overlooked. But if public relations involves persuasion and is ideally based on a dialogue among equal parties, then face to face (or interpersonal) communication remains important.

Intranet: Internal website used as a tool for HR, management communication and internal communication. These have often been static and are often being replaced or supplemented by internal social media tools such as Facebook at Work and Yammer.

Issues management: The proactive management of issues to minimise negative effects and create commercial opportunities. Often seen as part of a public affairs function, and linked to (reactive) crisis communication.

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