Marketing mix: The four Ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion) are known as the marketing mix. From this perspective, public relations is a promotional activity that is used around product launches.

Media monitoring: Monitoring is used to identify what the media are saying about an organisation, its products and the accuracy and quality of this coverage. Monitoring can also track the frequency and favourability of coverage against competitors.

Media planning: This used to involve researching journalists, publications and programmes likely to be interested in an organisation or an announcement. Now media planning involves social media influencers as well as journalists, across the media cloverleaf (paid, earned, owned).

Media relations: A public relations activity focused on relationships with journalists and other media players, either in pursuit of short-term publicity or in order to develop longer-term relationships.

Metadata: Information readable only to search engines that explains what your site is about.

Mission statement: A short statement of the purpose of a company or organisation. It should be memorable, distinctive, and serve as a guide to action.

Mutual understanding: The principle of mutuality is that publics should gain from public relations as well as the sponsoring organisation (both parties should benefit from a relationship).

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