Objectives: Objective setting is an important process in public relations planning involving measurable targets. Objectives can involve awareness, attitude and opinion, or behaviour.

Open questions: These are broad, and frequently open with ‘why’ or ‘what’ to encourage in-depth responses.

Opinion leaders: Reaching target groups often involves going through third parties. These can be journalists (gatekeepers) but can also be influential people in any community (teachers, faith leaders, politicians or social media influencers).

Opportunities to see (OTS): An advertising concept that measures the potential readers, viewers or listeners to a publication or programme. So a magazine article may be read by the subscribers to that publication, but also to others who are shown the article, or who find it online, or who read it later in a doctor’s surgery. An advertising campaign may use a mix of media from billboards to print, radio and TV and an individual may have many opportunities to see the ad and receive its message.

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