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Guide: How to use endnotes

A simple, straight forward guide to using endnotes: why use them, what format and how to create them.
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Guide: Developing and writing a communication strategy

PR Place Guide and Toolkit: Developing and writing a communication strategy.

Guide to storytelling for PR and Internal Comms

In this guide, Ann Pilkington explains why stories are more compelling than messages.

Guide: Stakeholder identification and mapping

Why are stakeholders so important and how do we identify and prioritise them? Find out in our guide - free for PR Place members.
Guide to writing reflections

Guide to Reflective Practice

A guide on how to write reflections. Essential reading for those studying for a CIPR course and valuable for those completing CPD.

Guide: Using communication theory

Our guide to communication theory is essential reading for public relations and internal communication students and practitioners. Download our free guide.

Guide: How to write a news release

This guide - free to PR Place members - explains how to identify news and to present it in news release format.

Exploring Internal Communication book - free chapter

This is a completely revised and extended third edition of the book. It is a collaborative project, ...

Communicating Projects book - free chapter

Communicating Projects is all about helping projects to succeed through communication. Often conside ...

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